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Food Combining

1.61 usd

Food combining is a diet that helps you not only lose weight, but also be healthy, get rid of many diseases and potentially prevent their occurrence. The main principle is that proteins and carbohydrates should be eaten at different meals. Usually it's not easy to adjust to the food combining diet: complicated tables and bulky descriptions make this transition almost impossible.Our program will help you to create your own menu. Simply select the product you'd like to eat, and the program will automatically filter out incompatible products! Select the second ingredient, and again you see only the list of products compatible with the selected ones! Simple, convenient and always accessible on your phone or tablet! Don't know what else to put in the dish? Use "Food combining"!
Features of paid version:- new friendly interface- countdown of digestion time- displaying of compatibility of food combinations- possibility to choose optimal level of food compatibility
If you just want to try food combining you may try our free application Food Combining (Free), but when you feel it's not enough for you, you are welcome to buy this perfect application for less money!